10 Tips to Gain More Followers

Promote In-store: Add small signs to your registers or windows letting customers know they can get important info and even discounts by following your page.

Offer Incentives: In combination with the above point make sure to give customers a reason to follow your page, such as offering a small discount for followers.

Cross-promote your social media accounts: You most likely have multiple accounts and so do your customers. Make sure to tell your current followers about your other pages and to follow those as well.

Link to your social media accounts everywhere: Your accounts should appear on more then just your website. Add links to your emails, newsletters, business cards, etc. to make sure everyone knows.

Actively find and follow others: You can’t just expect others to find you. Go out and follow other business, follow your partners, follow regular customers then they are more likely to follow you back.

Re-share other people’s content: In combination with the above point, once you have followed a business share their page with your followers. If you pat their back they are likely to return the favor.

Use relevant hashtags: In the social world hashtags function like a quick search so make sure to use any popular hashtags like #nationalcoffeeday or #sharkweek. If your creative you can make any hashtag work for you. Not sure how to find trending hashtags? Well their are plenty of sites and tell you just that, like Hashtagify.me

Post viral content: Just like hastags stay up to date on posts that are going viral. Once again you might have to be creative in your post to make it relevant but it can be done. Try to stay away from religious or political topics though as this can easily bring arguments to your page.

Try Facebook’s promoted posts: Many social networks provide some form of promoted posts making sure people see your content and page. Though this might cost some money the return can easily be worth it, and how much you spend is up to you.

Stay Active: Make sure you are posting on a regular basis. This not only give reason for people to follow you but also helps with your rankings in search results. If you struggle with thinking of posts then hire someone to help out with that, in fact its a service we offer here at AMS.

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