5 Things You Should Know About SEO Friendly Web Design

1. It Needs to be Responsive

Websites need to function on any device and on any screen size and that is what responsive design does. though there are many reason for responsive design when we are talking about SEO the biggest reason is because responsive design will increase your rankings on searches. You can read more about how google ranks responsive sites better on one of our previous posts titled “GOOGLE FORCES SITES TO BE RESPONSIVE

2. The Important Parts Need to be in the Text

Though search engines like google can search through different media types text has always been the best option for search optimization. This is why successful content marketing strategies has written content on every page. Many companies recommend trying to hit at least 300 word count on web pages and at least 500 word count on blog posts. Also don’t forget to add the descriptions and titles to your web page.

In the past many web designers and developers used images to display fancy text and to create beautiful sliders. Today it has become very simple to include fancy fonts on websites and allowing search engines to use those words (headers and slider text) when ranking the page.

3. You Must Optimize Your Images

In the web world simply displaying an image is not enough, there are some back-end programming that needs to take place so those images will actually help towards your search engine rankings. First, make sure to the image file actually has a meaningful name and not just a series of random numbers. Secondly, make sure to include the html alt and title attributes on every image.

4. You Need a Clear, Text-Based Navigation Structure

This tip comes directly from Google Webmaster Guidelines is to “Make a site with a clear hierarchy and text links. Every page should be reachable from at least one static text link.”

5. Don’t Forget to Redirect

This tip is for when you are updating your website or removing old content. As many of you probably know through experience when content gets deleted anyone who tries to visit that page will receive an error, specifically a 404 error. Did you know that you can instead apply a 301 redirect to occur which will tell search engines that the old page URL is now the new page URL. This will allow you to keep the traffic that page might attract to your site.

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