11 Tips to Writing a Successful Blog

Businesses today  focus much of their marketing on Website Optimization, Google Ads, and Social Media Campaigns, but many times forget to spend the time to make a successful blog.  So here are 11 tips that will help your blog become a powerful marketing tool to help convert followers into customers.



1) A Blog should be part of your site not it’s own identity

Though blogs are used like social media, they should be found directly on your website (www.example.com/blog). Many people host their blog on a separate URLs or forget to include it as part of their site main navigation.


2) Stay focused

Blogs should always circle around one major topic. For you, our clients, this should be your company’s industry. Try to include more than just information about your company by hitting on topics such as big news going on in the industry.


3) Get Social

Though it is easy to setup a blog and begin writing posts, that isn’t enough to get people reading. You need to begin sharing the article around the web. The easiest way to do this would be to post about the article on social media. You should also consider redesigning your homepage so that it include snippets of your latest articles.


4) Importance of titles

The first thing people will see on a new article is it’s title, so make sure it catches their eye. Try to make titles that are short and simple and use trending keywords.


5) Easy reading

People tend to skim articles over rather than reading every word. Make sure to format your post to include headers and bold text for important facts. Also make sure that the summary is well written and grabs the imagination of your audience, as this is the what they read to decide if they want to open the whole article.


6) Spell checking and proof-reading

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is posting an article that is filled with spelling and/or grammar mistakes. Seeing these will instantly turn of your audience and de-value your fact or opinion.


7) Images, images and more images

People always say a picture is worth 1,000 words and that is completely true when referring to blog writing. As mentioned above, people tend to skim through articles before deciding if they want to read the whole post and eye grabbing pictures is a great way to entice visitors to become followers.


8) On time and on track

Your blog is a tool for you to build an audience and to interact with your followers. This means keeping your blog active will keep your audience engaged. Make sure you post on your blog regularly ? once a month a minimum, but preferably once or twice a week.


9) Encourage interaction

You want your audience to be engaged on your blog and one of the bet ways to accomplish this is by encouraging them to share their own opinions. Try ending a post with a question or an invitation to your audience. Having a comment system helps with the blog but it does require more maintenance on your end. Comments are suppose to be like a discussion so it needs to go both ways so make sure to reply to every comment your audience posts. You will also want to monitor your blog for spam comments.


10) Don’t stress over negativity

Though you want to encourage your readers to share, you also need to expect that  you are going to get both positive and negative opinions. Don’t avoid blogging because of this.  You want your audience to be truthful so don’t block every person that doesn’t love your blog. In fact the negative views might be valid and show you ways to improve your writing or company as a whole.


11) Keep an eye on Analytics

Its important to keep track of what posts are the most popular and most viewed  by your audience. All our clients have a wonderful and powerful tool called Google Anayltics built into their sites that shares this and more information for their site and blog.


If you want to learn more about utilizing your blog to the fullest potential or have questions about your site, please contact us today. We’d love to help!

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